Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Fun

Today I made a soldered photo pendant that actually worked. I printed the images on canvas coated inkjet paper and it wasn't damaged by the heat - yippee! I need to pratice my soldering and maybe get a wider copper tape, but all in all I am pretty happy.

The stress of packing and moving got to me and I have a terrible headache. I had to lie down with a heating pad for a while and took a nap, but still have the darned thing! It must be time for a glass of wine. Yea, that's it. That will help my headache, and if it doesn't I won't care after a couple of glasses. Untill next time, cheers.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The move is ON!

I am working on soldering images between two layer of glass. I need different photo paper though, because the heat is damaging the glossy finish. Luckily there are ton's of crafters willing to share their experience and skill.

Drake is doing well after his shoulder surgery. He doesn't care for the therapy, but at least he lets me do it a couple of times a day. Poor baby - he just wants to PLAY!

Packed more boxes today. And now I know the move is real, I just paid for our Alaska Ferry tickets. We leave on August 26th, Montana bound. At least I am secure knowing I will still be able to keep my job on the slope no matter where I live.

I know I will miss Alaska terribly, but I do like Montana. And it will be nice to be able to drive different roads and go to other states without having to fly out. I am so familiar with the same two highways in Alaska - I know every pothole and frost heave personally!