Thursday, May 23, 2013

Special Order Vest & Nuno Felt Ain't Just for Girls!

Betsy's vest - front view

Betsy's vest - back view

Meet my lovely friend Betsy. She recently purchased two lovely floral print silk scarves and asked me to make her some garments. First up is the fun and functional vest.

I laid the felt in such a way as to create a great ruffle all the way around the outside edge. Because the scarf isn't very wide I didn't lay any fibers on the body of it - only along the edge. Basically I increased the dimensions of the finished garment by building it with wool. The result is the awesome vest.

I just finished the second garment and will get some photos posted after I give it to her this weekend. It's made with the same size scarf, but is seamless tunic. Stay tuned.

Workin' it!
This handsome dude is proudly modeling the nuno felt headband he just bought for his wife. Hmmmm, I think he might be wearing it more than her! Haha!! What a great guy - thanks for the pic. Hope to see you in my booth again soon.