Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Montana Bound

Can you believe it - we are actually leaving Alaska! I never thought this would happen, but here we are packing up and heading south. I love Alaska and will miss it and all my life long friends, but it is time to go.

The only place I've ever wanted to live is Cooper Landing. Unfortunately, it is turning into a little Lake Tahoe and has become to expensive to remain. So, off we go, back to Montana. It really is beautiful there and is the next best place, so it will be fun. And the upside is that there are more roads. For as huge and remote as Alaska is it has become too congested since everyone travels the same roads and fishes the same places. Too many people and not enough infrastructure to support them. It will be nice to head off into the woods and not see another person!

We are leaving tomorrow - Wednesday, August 26th. It will be a 9 day trip traveling on the Alaska Ferry. I expect we will be in Montana on the 4th of September and then will have to make arrangements for our phone and internet connection. I should be back on line by the 2nd week of September and will have tons of photos from our trip.

Think good thoughts for us on our trip. Uneventful is a good word to use. I will be back in touch with you all soon!


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