Thursday, March 31, 2011

One Arm Manual Felting Machine & More Craft Warrior Progress

Here are a couple more photos of my progress on the Craft Warrior Challenge item. Further down are shots of me using the manual felting machine my husband created so I can roll my creations with one arm. (Click images for a larger view)

Hmmmm, fabric hearts. Where could I be going with this? Any ideas?

After assembly I realized I had way to many hearts cut out and the solid pink didn't singe very well. I then added a couple cut from a gold toole with glitter. I like how it's coming together.

The Manual One Arm Felting Machine - LOVE it!!!!



What a great contraption. It applies pressure evenly over the entire bundle and the heavy grates on top & bottom apply more friction. And the piece of oak firewood tied to the top is nice and heavy for more downward pressure. This sucker felts much faster than just using 2 arms.


  1. Thank you very much. Where there is a fiber addiction, there is a way!