Saturday, May 14, 2011

New - Handmade Felt Tree Hugger Purse

Carry your valuables in an eco friendly bag and show your support for green and sustainable textile processes. This great bag is made of super soft Merino wool, with Romney wool used for the tree trunk to give awesome texture and detail. I also added some white wool and silk fibers for highlights. I used the resist technique to make exposed layers in the trunk giving even more texture and detail. I made felt leaves then needle felted them for another level of incredible texture!

The outside dimensions of the body measure approximately 14" wide and 15" long. The inside dimensions are approximately 12" wide and 14" deep. The handle hangs down about 12" from your shoulder.

The handmade felt process plays with the natural behavior of wool fibers when dampened and agitated. Each piece is unique, controlled by color choice and fiber layout, but always with an element of risk and surprise. Soft, yet durable and thick handmade felt is something you will want to hold and never let go. It‘s a tactile and visual indulgence. Felting is one of the best eco-friendly and sustainable textile processes. It requires only soap, water and muscle. Be eco-conscious - Wear Handmade Felt!

The rich organic forms achieved compliment the restrained simplicity of my handmade items. My designs follow a preoccupation with surface texture bringing forth an air of individuality, beauty, complexity, simplicity and a true creative process. Sprinkled into every fiber is the laughter and love of a life shared with our Divine nature, our animals, everyone we meet and our natural environment. All our creations resonate with countless magical moments.


  1. Love the color and texture.

  2. It's beautiful! Felting is so amazing. I like that you play with the element of risk.