Sunday, March 17, 2013

Collaborative Illuminated Felt Fiber Art

I met an amazing fiber artist, Nancy Ruth, through an on-line felters e-mail group and we started talking about the different festivals and events we attend. She lives fairly close to me and we were discussing the nearby Black Sheep Festival that takes place in Eugene. Nancy has been wanting to work on a collaborative piece and enter it in this event.

We decided to work together on something. We each will start a piece then swap with each other and finish them. Our chosen theme is Inner Light. I am working on a seamless piece that will be a lampshade of sorts. Depending on how it finishes us it might be suspended with a bulb inside, or as a stand alone piece with a bulb. either way, it will be lit from within.

Tree still needs some work, but you get the idea
This is the first side with the moon, moonlight rays and a tree. More details and fine tuning will occur. I have a resist underneath and will turn it over and work the other side with a continuation of the moon and moonlight rays. Below you can get an idea of how it looks with light shining from behind. Once it is finished and a bulb is shining it will have a bit of yellowish tint from the incandescent bulb.

Seeing how it looks with light from behind


  1. Love this! The idea of the light behind it is very cool.

  2. Thank you Marian! I love the way the whole thing tends to glow while showing more detail of the individual fibers. I'll post a photo of it when my part is done.