Monday, June 22, 2009

Insane Combat Fishing

As an Alaskan living in Cooper Landing I am near one of the greatest salmon fisheries in the state. I love fishing in the clear water of the Russian River and sight fishing for the explosive red (sockeye) salmon. This year, due to low water in the Russian and massive crowds in the sanctuary area, the reds aren't pushing up the Russian. This is the first time in my life that I have walked that stream this time of year and seen no fish. In order to catch any I actually had to fish in the combat zone.

It was a mad house. The fish were thick - you could see their dark backs through the turquoise water, and easily hook up in just a few flips. But the people, my oh my the people. So many that if you do hook up with a fish it is almost a guarantee that you will tangle several lines in the process of bringing it in. Catching red salmon is a thrill for me but I sure do hope those fish push through into the Russian River soon. I really dread having to enter the combat zone again!

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