Saturday, June 6, 2009

Soldotna Friday

Went to Soldotna yesterday to see my chiropractor and saw a big moose swimming across the Kenai near the powerline. By the time I stopped & grabbed by camera he was already across but I did get one decent shot of him in the trees.

Boring trip to town except that I spaced out my visit with my friend. Being home from work for so long has messed with my mind. They days just roll together and are so boring. I forgot we were meeting until I got home, unloaded my groceries and saw the antique cake carrier that I was going to give her. IDIOT! (Leanne, I can hear your voice when I type that word - LOL)

Stopped & got more pain meds & tranqs for the doggie. He just gets way too excited and wants to play at his normal hard pace. I have to keep him midly sedated so he doens't hurt himself until he is fully healed from his surgery. Poor puppy - he just wants to play!


  1. Umm, I forgot about it too! :-)
    Great blog!

  2. This is a cool blog Rhonda.....
    You are a good writer.... should do something with that!