Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Resting Up

I took this picture Friday night when there was still a lot of smoke from the fires.

It was a crazy weekend at the flea market! We sold most of our stuff and made a nice bit of coin, but people watching was the best part. It's funny to watch folks barter for stuff. They make such a horrible face when you give them a price and then you know an offer is coming your way. It's amusing to see someone try and convince you that they really really need something but can't afford your price or try to get you to believe you are crazy for asking an amount. What a hoot!

We went to Soldotna yesterday and did laundry today. However most of the day has been reserved for laziness, which comes way too easily :) Heading to Anchorage tomorrow to meet with my neurosurgeon and run a bunch of errands. It should be an exhausting day!

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