Monday, February 11, 2013

Heart Strings

This is an art piece I am doing for a friend of mine. It is created using the technique of nuno felting using a base of sparkly gold tulle covered with merino wool, corriedale wool, silk sari yarn and copious amounts of firestar and angelina. At this stage it is all laid out and wet down. The next steps will be rubbing, rolling, tossing, throwing and shaping. I will post some pics of the completed piece soon.

My friend is an art therapist and works with people using art as a tool for opening up and going within to release old injuries and patterns of behavior. In one session with her she helped me to reconnect with parts of myself that I had shoved away and ignored at several intervals throughout my life. The three smaller figures represent my child self of about 4yrs old, my teenage self of about 16, and my young adult self of about 30. The large central figure is me now.

At each stage of my life, those parts of me had hopes, dreams and desires that not only went unrealized, they were shoved away. I let other things dictate the course of my life and didn't see those parts of myself as important enough to nurture. In the therapy I was able to reconnect with those parts of me, since they still exist. What a wonderful and empowering exercise! I now feel whole and complete. I recognize those old dreams and desires and now know their importance in the progression of my life. I have rediscovered how valuable I and my hearts desires really are. Thank you Karen! You have a wonderful gift and I am privileged to have experience it!

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