Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Clearing out the old to make room for the new!

I have finally started to clear out my old inventory from the 2012 market season. I've been putting things into my Etsy shop, since I have one. It makes sense to use it if I'm going to keep it. I have so many ideas for new pieces and inspiration is everywhere. I'll let the older things go to make room for the new and exciting. If you see anything in my shop that you just have to have, let me know. If it's a bit out of your price range I am happy to haggle! I want all these pieces to find new homes and get out into the world! Stay tuned, there are many more to come. I add at least one item a day and also post it on my Facebook page.

Celestial Song

A compilation of re-purposed and recycled silks, cottons, rayon, velvet, nylon and polyester. They combine into a harmonious piece of Wearable Fiber Art that can also be used as home decor. See additional photos here.

A wonderful light created by using 3 led tea lights inside a frame that is wrapped by a wonderful piece of merino wool felt. The tree is made from pieces of hand dyed merino silk blend wool. More photos here.

A 400 page hard bound journal encased in a seamless cover. It is reusable with all future journals. It has a wonderful flap and button closure for privacy. Made with merino wool and re-purposed lace. See more here.

I call this wrap Cafe Au Lait because of the wonderful dark coffee and light cream colors. So beautiful, functional and light as a feather. More info can be found here.

Ahhhh, Pixie Dust! That is what I think of when I ponder this yummy wrap. It is made using re-purposed silk fabrics, some hand dyed cotton gauze, lots of silk fibers and throwers waste, merino wool and some Firestar for glint and sparkle. Don't you want to just snuggle into it? Look here for more pics and see how you can even use it as home decor!

 Another wonderful journal and cover! This one is made with shibori dyed cotton fabric, merino wool, firestar and some hemp fibers on the flap. Check it out here.

 A little romance, some Boho and hippie and you are good to go. This headband is a multifunctional piece of Eco friendly Fiber Art. It is made with merino wool and re-purposed cotton crochet lace. See more about it here.

Crochet from 100% super soft Cascade yarn, this granny square hat is so much fun and really warm. It has 3D flowers crocheted into the center of the square and is a lovely soft blue. It's the perfect season for a warm and stylish hat. See more here.

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